Windows 10 is coming: What you need to know.

By: Lori Ramirez

If you are like most of us, you begin to hear word of something new coming, then small snippets begin to appear. Soon, you start hearing about it in random conversations and your interest becomes piqued.

Finally, you get your first full preview and your excitement begins to grow. The anticipation takes root and you eagerly await a solid date for when this item will be available. For those in the I.T. world, that phenomenon is once again upon us.

When Microsoft announced Windows 7, the world eagerly awaited its arrival due to the issues seen in Windows Vista. And they were not disappointed. It became the standard in homes and businesses around the world. Then Windows 8 was announced, Microsoft's first operating system that was built specifically with touch in mind. Once again people eagerly awaited its arrival only to be experience the disappoint felt with Windows Vista. No more Start button, navigation with the tiles was difficult, confusion when swapping back and forth between the Apps and the Desktop. It required too much of a learning curve that the average user was not willing to go through. And, though a lot of I.T. Professionals were able to learn, adapt and come to appreciate the features offered in Windows 8, the average user was not impressed.

Now Microsoft is about to release their latest OS whose buzz says it will be the next Windows 7. On July 29, 2015 Windows 10 will be released. This operating system will bring back the Start menu, though in a modified form but still user friendly. It will introduce Cortana, a digital assistant that responds to voice commands while still responding to written ones. It will gradually learn your preferences and keep track of your interests and favorite places. Microsoft Edge (Microsoft's new web browser) will be part of the new operating system introducing a browser that lets you write or type notes directly on webpages and share them with others. It will be optimized for touch and even works alongside Cortana for instant access to key actions without ever leaving the web page.

Perhaps the biggest change to Windows that users will be happiest about is the fact that Solitaire is back in Windows 10! Okay, maybe that's an overstatement, but if you are a 'more experienced user' it will seem like a step back in time.

In all, Microsoft is committed to using the same interface on all devices or 'One product family, one platform, one store." Will it be perfect right off the bat? Probably not, but Microsoft's commitment to beta testing it with over 4 million users should give it a great head start.

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