What is Hybrid I.T.?

We hear and read about the term "Hybrid I.T." all the time, but what does it mean to you?

For most of our small business customers, Hybrid I.T. means a mix of On-Site & Cloud Servers and/or Services that are deployed in the environment.  Organizations utilizing Office 365 AND local servers have a Hybrid I.T. environment – cloud-based tools combined with on premise servers to enable the delivery of the software and date that runs the business. 

However, there is another type of “Hybrid I.T.” environment and that is what I want to discuss with you today.

At Modo Networks, we have our own version of Hybrid I.T. solutions and services that bring business value to our customers.  Through the years, our customers have grown in size and complexity requiring more than remote Help Desk support for their end-users.   As a result, some companies think about staffing an hourly resource from an MSP.  Some decide to add a full-time I.T. person to the meet the needs of the business.  

 “Sometimes you simply need boots on the ground."  Our service fills the gap between customer growth and I.T. Support flexibility. We are not an I.T. placement company and even further, there are a multitude of placement companies out there who have decades of experience in that arena. The reality is that sometimes a company outgrows their I.T. Support package and need to have a local I.T. resource. Trying to transition from hosted support or managed services to an internal I.T. group can be disastrous to the business and moreover, the business can lose face value with their employees and their customers. 

Our Assisted (Hybrid I.T.) solution allows customers to make these changes over time enabling the business to absorb extremely important knowledge and experience of their I.T. Systems.  Our Assisted I.T. service supports the full-time I.T. staff providing them with our experience and I.T. Toolbox. 

Many customers simply want a 1st or 2nd level tech onsite for immediate hands on support to deal with single-case issues such as being unable to print. With our world class help desk behind them, we assist our customers with a full-time I.T. staff by maintaining the servers, switches, and firewalls (3rd Level engineering). We offer turnkey solutions for our customers through our Assisted (Hybrid I.T.) Support service to increase success and reduce the time to positive outcomes and resolutions.   Even a company’s full-time I.T. staff has gaps in knowledge.  They may understand applications and databased but not networking, storage or security, for example. 

Many of our customers have a full-time I.T. staff that do a great job supporting the I.T. infrastructure and applications.  However, gaps in knowledge still exist.  This is the “Hybrid I.T.” solution we offer – people based – yours and ours. 

We have always tried to stay in our wheelhouse as a managed services provider and I.T. Service company with the emphasis being on "Service". 

To learn more, please reach out to us at Modo Networks or call us at (214) 299-8040.  

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