What is a Managed Service Provider, and why do you need one?

How many times have you said “I wish I knew then what I know now”?   When it comes to supporting the I.T. infrastructure for your business, how do you know when to ask for help?  

It takes a lot of courage to ask for help.  When searching for an I.T. professional for your organization, it can be overwhelming and confusing to anyone not in I.T., especially, a small business owner.  I.T. people speak a different language filled with “geek speak”, acronyms and movie references. 

 How do you know what qualifications and years of experience the individual should have for your organization?   Do you hire just anyone?  Or, someone that “fits” in the budget?

 How do you know how much to budget for that person anyway?  And, by the time you add in operational costs and maybe recruiting fees, you’ve just added 60% to the salary requirement you thought you budgeted for in the first place.  May want to cross your fingers and toes and hope you get the right person the first time too.  Here is a link to 2017 I.T. salaries for reference. 

Or, do you continue to buy a new computer every time one breaks? 

This is the market opportunity for managed service provider(s).  With a managed service provider, you reduce your risk and get a team of professionals for the fraction of the cost to hire internally. 

Small business’ I.T. departments are often understaffed, over-burdened and always playing catch-up.  Why?  Typically, one person is struggling to keep the business running with limited resources and limited knowledge of the changing world of technology.  Change happens so fast, it is very difficult for one person to keep up and deliver the right cost-effective solution for the business.

A Managed Service Provider offers companies access to a team of I.T. professional engineers with “dog years” of experience.  Why do I say “dog years”?  Because, we have seen the problems your business is experiencing hundreds of times.  The diversified experience of our engineers allows us to optimize your current environment, implement tried and true solutions, and/or innovate when the situation calls for it.

With the variety of hardware and software manufactures – servers, switches, routers, wireless routers and access points, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, applications, browsers, security, storage, virtualization, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, compliance needs – on and on it gives me a headache just typing about “I.T.”  

Did I mention business risk?  No one wants to become the next headline in a data breach or data loss incident. 

Consider a doctor’s office. How important is it to ensure systems are HIPAA compliant? And, if they take credit cards, they better be PCI compliant. We understand the regulations, policies and procedures small businesses face day to day.

That is why we take a proactive approach to supporting your organization.  We utilize proven technology and solutions to maintain uptime, remotely manage, monitor, patch and secure your environment.   We even answer the phone when you call!

To get started, how would you like to have a baseline network and security assessment to ascertain the health of your I.T. infrastructure?  We provide these at no charge to prospective customers. Register here to schedule a network and security assessment at no charge.

At Modo Networks, we’ve got your back. Our team of certified engineers, with over 200 actual years of experience (1,400 dog years), bring a level of enterprise expertise to your business.   As a small business owner, you can’t afford to wonder and worry about your I.T. operations.  You just need them to work and work well. 

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