Things To Do While Not Doing

During this time of sheltering in place, we have come up with some of our favorite boredom busters, that we love, to keep life interesting. Enjoy!

  1. Who doesn’t love having a story read to them?  
  2. In house mini golf!  Every room becomes a hole and each family member creates one!  Who will sink it between the books, over the bridge of egg cartons and into the dollhouse front door to win?
  3. Lava floor! Make a course through your rooms by not touching the floor, it’s lava!  Jump on pillows, walk across furniture, anything but the floor - cause it’s lava!
  4. House Ninja – Fans of Ninja Warrior create obstacles your housemates need to complete to move to the next challenge!  Get creative!  It could be the sock sort challenge!  Who can match them fastest to move on? Who can do the most swats with a book on their head without dropping it?  Too easy, how about 2 books?
  5. Theme days!  
    • It’s music day Monday!  Wear your concert gear proud!  Go ahead, tease your hair and air guitar your way to the coffee pot.  
    • Island life more your style?  Turn up the heat and bring out those shorts!  
    • Let’s not forget our sports teams, fan day Fridays are just the thing to bring out your favorite garb and fun memories of past game day victories!  
    • Thursday could be brought to you by the color green! Endless theme options!
  6. THIS IS HUGE!!!

     ….(the font, get it?!) - Lady Gaga Announces One World: #TogetherAtHome Virtual Global Special 
  • The worldwide special will be broadcasted worldwide on April 18th to raise funds and support the fight against COVID-19. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert will host the event curated by Lady Gaga.

As we all do our part to #stopthespread, with sheltering at home, we hope playing along with one of our activities will put a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.

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