The value of customer relationships.

For 10 years, Modo Networks has provided tailored solutions designed to optimize, simplify and streamline your business with technology.  

As a result of this approach, many of our customers have become more than just client’s, they’ve become true friends. 

Over the past 10 years, we’ve voyaged on many journeys together with our customers. Along the way, we not only added value to their businesses, but helped them make prudent decisions based on their financial situations with regard to information technology and all that entails. 

A big benefit for us is that we have delighted in watching our customers blossom.

In the early 2000s, National Wholesale Supply started selling wholesale plumbing supplies to various plumbing contractors and companies. Charlie Reynolds, the primary owner, had a vision of being the largest wholesale plumbing reseller in Texas. Despite his big dreams, National Wholesale Supply needed help as they were experiencing multiple network outages at their branches on a regular basis. 

The inefficiencies were prohibiting their growth and causing major frustrations including loss of revenue. 

The main problems National Wholesale experienced were caused by open sourced products (free) used for firewalls and virtual private networks.  Also, they were running their main enterprise resource planning (ERP) application from a server based in an office that had two or three power outages a week. 

When a power outage occurred, all 6 branches would cease to work until power was restored. 

During our first visit back in August of 2008, we concluded they needed complete network redesign to include a location that was safe from power outages and network downtime. 

Additionally, NWS made the decision to move away from their current ERP system to Eclipse that is designed for multiple branches.  

Our strategic redesign (focused on uptime and security) and implementation of a mission critical software platform that would scale with their growth goals, they’ve gone from 3 outages per week for 6 branches to no outages in a 10-year period for over 40 branches. 

A better I.T. infrastructure allows businesses like NWS to protect valuable data, prepare and project future growth, and improve internal communication and operations monitoring. 

This year we are celebrating 10 years of business at Modo Networks. Founded on the principles of quality and customer care, we provide a full range of cost-effective I.T. support services designed to help businesses get more from their technology investments. 

We are proud to boast a 95% customer retention rate. Looking forward, we will continue to provide our customers with cost-effective I.T. solutions and customer focused strategies.

Thanks to Charlie and all our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve.   

We look forward to another successful 10 years serving the I.T. needs of small businesses. 

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