Overcoming Bad I.T. Experiences

February is a month to reflect on our relationships with those we care about.

Looking back on the past three prospects we brought on as customers, a common thread develops.

One of the biggest challenges we face when working with new prospects is overcoming the bad experiences they have had with managed service providers in the past. Repeatedly, we find that potential customers are very skeptical of working with us because of poor customer support, broken promises, and being “nickeled and dimed” for services that should have been included.

We often walk into the initial meeting with a “bloody nose and a black eye” because of the prospect’s recent relationship with an I.T. support company.

So how do we overcome this? How do we build trust?

We “do it the old fashioned way – we earn it”.

We offer all of our prospects comprehensive network and security assessments at no charge. We review the results of the assessments in detail with them and the documentation is theirs to keep regardless of whether they come onboard with us or not.

We show genuine interest in them personally, their business and its success. We build rapport by doing what we say we are going to do when we say we will do it. We answer the phone, we show up on time, and when we make a mistake we admit it and fix it.

We guarantee one thing and one thing only - the first 30-60-90 days of the onboarding process will be painful. We know growth is sometimes painful. It takes open communication to understand your business, the technology you have in place now, how to fix it or improve it and to develop a cadence of communication.

To make sure we are communicating effectively, we require a weekly status meeting during the onboarding process.

In every relationship – good or bad, communication is the cornerstone of the foundation. In bad relationships, communication is poor and trust is lost. In good relationships, communication is timely and honest.

Earning trust and delivering superior customer service are hallmarks of Modo Networks. As a veteran owned company, we are unafraid of hard work and service is ingrained in our culture.

So if you are in a bad relationship, stop tolerating it and do something about it. Just don’t take it out on the next person who walks through the door.

The road to strong relationships is a journey down a two-way street of honest communication that begins with a single step. Take your first step and contact us today.

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