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Everyone knows you need the right tool for the job.   Those “Do It Yourself” projects that should take an hour end up taking all weekend and 3 trips to your big box home improvement store because we don’t have the right tools. 

Same principle applies in the application software world.  And the consequences are the same – time, money and value. 

If you don’t have the right tool, then the time involved to do the work needed to complete the project increases the cost to the point of it being a non-starter.

One of the great things about Microsoft is the ongoing acquisition of companies and tools to create efficiencies for users.  One of the challenges with Microsoft is keeping up with the great tools that are in its shed.  

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we continue to find tools that bring benefits not only to our customers, but to us as well as Managed Services Provider.  A recent example is Microsoft’s acquisition of is a cloud file migration tool in Office 365.  

For example, many customers use various cloud-based file storage platforms such as Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google Drive to house their data.  Well, customers who invest in the Office 365 platform get cloud file storage with SharePoint and OneDrive included in the service.  Why pay for the same service twice? 

Why?  Because before the acquisition of, the challenge (cost) was the time involved to migrate the data from these disparate systems into SharePoint and OneDrive then deal with the business transformation and training of the users for the new environment.  It involved a lot of time, people power, and money.  So, customers weren’t compelled to move.

Now, using, what used to take weeks, now takes hours.  

One specific customer spent $1,000s per year on Egnyte for cloud file storage.   Leveraging the tools from the Mover acquisition by Microsoft, we were able to move them to a single platform in days.  By eliminating multiple platforms for cloud storage, we saved them money.  Customers also get a “single pane of glass” to manage their environment enabling them to enforce security policies and procedures.  

There is some training that goes along with the new environment, but that time investment is well worth the business benefits now that the project hours are reduced using the right tool for the job.   

Benefits of Mover – taken from Mover.IO

“Connectors - support practically every major cloud storage provider and on-premise server. Easily authenticate with secure OAuth or traditional credentials.

Migrate to Microsoft from Box, Dropbox, Google, or Amazon. See our full list of Connectors

Comprehensive Scanning
Manage your transfers with their unlimited automated scheduling feature. Plan a final delta pass during evenings and weekends without worry.

Create as many schedules as you need to meet your special timing purposes.

Powerful Migration Manager
Bulk migrate users and data. Create individual jobs or gigantic batches for thousands of users.

Automatically keep permissions and sharing intact. Migrate your organization with ease.

Detailed Logs

Mover/Microsoft meticulously keep logs of everything Mover does for you. This will ensure you are compliant with security regulations.

In case of an audit you can rely on their detailed, per-file logs to provide full evidence of what was moved and when.”

Mover Acquisition: “Together (Microsoft) with Mover, we’ll continue to provide customers with fast and reliable migrations to the cloud, with best practices and security and more connectors to more source systems, ultimately making the move into Microsoft 365 as seamless and cost effective as possible.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Modo is dedicated to understanding the overwhelming number of applications, acquisitions, and their benefits by Microsoft for our customers.  

Our understanding of Microsoft’s tools enhances our ability to be a strategic business partner to our customers. By understanding what tools run their business, we leverage investments they have already made in Microsoft Office 365 to reduce spend on redundant software and improve efficiencies while reducing costs.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what software tools are in the Microsoft Office 365 application shed?  Give us a call and let us help you with that “to do” list.  

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