IT Geriatrics

Serving Yesterday’s Technology Today

Being in the MSP industry, meeting and serving many clients from many business types, we see a lot of outdated architecture utilized into today’s server and network infrastructures. This usually occurs when IT People are not being trained for the latest technologies and can usually result in a loss of productivity (the silent business killer).

If you are a business owner, how can you tell if your technology is meeting your business needs? Short of becoming a technology professional you will likely need to get a technology assessment from a trusted source. Many MSP’s, including Modo Networks, perform the technology reviews free of charge. How can you tell if you are in that category? For the most part, you may likely have subtle clues lying about. Here are a few examples:

  • Are you on Tape Backup?
  • Do you have Windows Server 2003?
  • Are you on Windows XP?
  • Do you have a home operating system?
  • Does your Internet browser say you are unsupported?
  • How old is your Firewall?

There have been many advances in technology that allow you to grow your business and provide stability for your business and its customers. Today’s technology has a much different face than in prior years and adapting your business can result in higher output from employee’s which can easily result in an increase in Sales activity.

The globalization that the internet has fostered can be used to grow your business outside of the US and into markets you may have never dreamed possible. But without today’s technology that is a very difficult task.

Companies tend to try and stretch every dollar but when it comes to technology, utilizing older technologies may have an adverse effect on your ability to deliver quality services and products. More so, the newer technologies offer such features as Workflows, Business Intelligence, and Online Sharing.

These types of innovations allow you to better communicate with your customer base and allow you to better deliver your services.

The downside of older technology is the negative impact on your business, employees, and customers.

For example:  Windows XP has been retired by Microsoft and there are no longer security patches available to fix flaws and security holes.  Although Microsoft has officially stopped supporting the older OS, hackers have not!

The same stands true for various Firewalls; are they updated with the most current patches?  Being on the latest technology can help your Business grow and help your technology vendors better secure your IT infrastructure.

But with all technology components, you must be sure to have the correct resources in place to manage these systems. Make sure that with whomever you use, they are certified by the vendor to handle the technology.  Microsoft, Cisco, HP and other large technology providers, certify MSP’s and IT professionals in the technology they will be maintaining.  

By keeping current, you are more likely to reduce the pitfalls of aging technology.  So, do your business a favor and get your infrastructure diagnosed to prevent IT geriatrics from reducing your competitive edge.

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