Is There An I.T. Doctor In The House?

What’s the value of having multiple I.T. specialists vs. a general practitioner for your technology needs?

I recently had to go to the doctor – an Ob-Gyn to be exact.  No, no, no I’m not pregnant.  But they did have 7 doctors, 30 employees and two locations just in case. 

I was asked to come out and diagnose their technology pains – they wanted to tell me where it hurts.  After running our network and security assessments, we were able to provide a baseline health check of their current environment.  Gave ‘em an I.T. physical basically. 

And friend, let me tell you, they were seriously ill. Wireless networking issues, wired networking issues, security issues, compliance issues, backup and storage issues, application issues, workstation issues, server issues, software licensing issues…so many issues I ran out of tissues. 

See, they had a wonderful person who worked there for 30 plus years and then up and gave her two weeks’ notice.  Oh, and nothing was documented.  So, they hired a one-man band I.T. guy to help and after looking at his work from our assessment, he seemed to have put in a lot of time to try and fix things but just didn’t have the different areas of expertise to keep up with all the changes for all the different aspects of their environment that were sick. 

Think of it this way, imagine that you go to med school to become a doctor.  What kind of doctor?  Eye doctor?  Ear, nose and throat? General Practitioner?  Ob-Gyn?  Psychiatrist? Surgeon – orthopedic, spine, brain, thoracic, vascular?  You get the idea.  Point is, there are lots of specialists in the medical field.  

I.T. has specialists too.  And each specialty is constantly changing, there is continuing education and certifications necessary to keep up with the times. I wasn’t surprised when I stumbled upon these fun facts and similarities between the professions. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  Certifications and licenses were more prevalent in some occupations than others: more than three-fourths of workers in healthcare practitioners and technical occupations held these credentials compared with fewer than 1 out of 10 building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations. 

This analogy applies to almost any vertical – engineering, law, financial, insurance…all have specialists in different disciplines of their chosen profession and all need to be nurtured to stay relevant with the changing times. 

At Modo, we make sure our Engineers maintain their certifications to keep up with the changing times.  With our 200 plus years of experience combined in multiple specialists – networking, security, storage, backup, disaster recovery, virtualization, cloud migrations et al, we can keep your I.T. infrastructure in good health. 

When was your last technology physical?  Call us, the I.T. doctor is in.

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