How Larger Companies Benefit From Using a Managed Services Provider or MSP By: Rick Juarez

As companies grow and begin hiring people to handle services such as HR, Accounting and IT, many tend to look at these hires as a zero sum game. The thought being that "We've now hired someone and they can handle everything." In Accounting and HR, these leaders often look for outside help in the areas of tax, payroll and benefits. In IT, that does not tend to be the case. Key stakeholders want to maintain close control of their processes and technology. Perhaps it is not just a control issue, but it may very well be an educational one. The question that CIO's and CFO's should be asking themselves is, "Am I providing my IT staff with the tools and resources they need to do their job properly so they can support our company's growth?"

One of the top benefits to partnering with an experienced MSP is the ability to leverage an expanded knowledge base from using a Team exposed to various platforms, companies and industries. This immediately gives the Company an increased quality of experience that can pay off in multiple ways. Some of those that easily come to mind are: economies of scale for software; no additional employee overhead or vacations/sick days to track or schedule around; and getting a Systems Engineer, a Network Engineer and tiers of Desktop Support Technicians and Level 3 support all in one hire. A potentially more impactful payoff falls under the umbrella of "You don't know what you don't know." But an MSP company with a wide range of customers knows what the best practices and technology solutions are available and can discuss the non-confidential practices and solutions that are best for your own environment to support your own growth.

A well-qualified provider will bring an enterprise level platform to manage service tasks and workflows, track IT assets, create a knowledge base, schedule maintenance resources and provide enterprise level antivirus and malware protection. This alone can give the company an upfront savings in the time that could be spent researching, purchasing, testing and implementing an in house solution. The bigger savings are reaped from the time savings internal IT staff realizes from being able to focus on strategic concerns versus the time consuming, repetitive daily issues that arise such as patch management, server and backup monitoring, printer and desktop support.

It turns out that the reasons larger companies with internal IT departments should consider partnering with an MSP are many of the same reasons small to medium sized businesses do: to free up time, reduce costs, alleviate pain, leverage technology expertise, provide assistance with managing data, hardware and computer resources, and refocus on core priorities. The key difference being the reasons and savings can pay off exponentially for larger companies. So, do your homework, and reach out to potential partners and educate yourself.

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