A Love Letter to Our Customers

On Valentine's Day, we celebrate those we love. 

Modo man chose to show his customers how much he cares by penning the below love letter. 

Dear Customer, 

Since the first day we met, my commitment to our relationship has only grown stronger. 

I still remember the cute way you used to bang your head against the keyboard when you had computer problems. You had a hard time trusting me at first, given your baggage from your past I.T. guys.

Those other MSPs had their chance to win your heart, and let you down. They didn’t deserve you. I am so grateful to you for being daring with me–embarking on a new adventure allowing me to solve your I.T. problems and support you. 

I promise to passionately pursue your happiness and work to earn your long term love and loyalty. In my world, your I.T. comes first and I will always be here for you.

Seeing you thrive in your business means everything to me. I will work to guide your I.T. and watch your business soar. I vow to support your growth and goals every step of the way.  

As we look ahead, we might engage in more projects so we can further impact your business. The future is bright baby, and I am smitten with what’s to come.

Forever yours, 

Modo Man

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