2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 has been a year like no other. Many of us are getting creative in how we celebrate the holidays this year. Check out our gift guide to help you give the ones you love unique and memorable presents they are sure to adore. Below are some of our favorite "geek and gadget" inspired gifts for adults and kids.

Creative Gifts for Grownups:

1. Bon Fire Solo Stove - We love this smokeless portable fire pit.


2. UV Light Sanitizer - Sterilizes anything! Because...well does it need to be said?


3. Raspberry PI contained inside a keyboard:


The official Raspberry Pi keyboard includes three USB ports for connecting external devices, available in raspberry red and white, or black and grey

4. Light Family Board Game Azul:


This game is fun, exciting and visually stunning! We all of us spending more time at home together, this game is a good one to add into your rotation.

5. Raspberry PI Video Game Console for the Classics:


Turn your living room into a retro games arcade playroom that all the family can enjoy with our Retropie Emulation Console.

6. Rocksmith:


Great way to take music lessons at home!



Smart Caddie for the golfer in your life!

8. Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker:


Great portable speaker for Tunes on the Green!

Creative Gifts for the kiddos:

1. Talking Microscope, Featuring Bindi Irwin


Crikey! We found the perfect STEM TOY to encourage an interest in biology, botany, and overall curiosity.

2. Interactive Preschool Robot Toy


What a cool robot! And it helps get kids ready for kindergarten with lights, actions, and fun phrases about colors, shapes, and more!

3. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit


We love how this interactive toy inspires invention with 22+ missions in the app and 6+ New Block-Based coding missions!

4. Little Genius Starter Kit:


Great for tots ages 3-5. The learning games let your child interact with tangible educational toys and an iPad, bringing their actions to life.

5.Educational Robot Toy:


Not only does this toy robot, look super cool, it teaches kids and adults to learn to creatively code!

We hope you find this gift guide fun and helpful! And from all of us at Modo Networks, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

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